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Our Charity Adoption Programme (CAP) allows us to share the benefits of our charitable status, with organisations who are not constituted as a charity in the UK, but whose work and mission is closely related to our own.

For many, the process of registering a UK Charity is daunting, time consuming, and not always feasible in terms of resources. Our Charity Adoption Programme, supports non-UK registered charities and charitable projects that lack the time and resources to set up and manage their own UK registered charity. Adopted Charities benefit from our charitable status and expertise. 

Donations can be made to Prospero in support of their work, and we will claim the Gift Aid - a UK government scheme that allows charities to claim an extra 25p for every £1 donated to them. This means we can increase support for the work of our adopted charities, before passing donations on to them. We are able to receive US tax-deductible donations from US tax-paying donors and are members of Transnational Giving Europe, enabling us to receive donations tax efficiently from many of our European neighbours.


Our Charity Adoption Programme is tailor-made to enable projects to focus on the causes they care most about, without needing to worry about the administration and governance involved in running a UK registered charity. 


The programme doesn’t just enable charities to receive donations in a tax efficient manner from UK donors: it affords charities a host of additional benefits and provides UK donors with peace of mind as well as tax deductible receipts for the charitable donations they have made.

Prospero World is committed to strengthening the charitable sector, to sharing best practices and to empowering pioneers to champion the causes they care about most. Our Charity Adoption Programme is aligned with the United Nation Sustainable Goal 17: Revitalise the global partnership for sustainable development and Target 17.1: Strengthen domestic resource mobilisation, including through international support to developing countries, to improve domestic capacity for tax and other revenue collection. 


There is no upfront fee for Prospero World’s Charity Adoption Programme. However, in order to cover administration costs we charge a 10% fee based on donation and Gift Aid income.


All charges are calculated on an individual donation basis, giving our partners the flexibility to be an adopted charity for as long or as short as they like. 




Pernille Kruse Madsen, Founder Human Practice Foundation


The Human Practice Foundation have been one of Prospero's adopted charities since 2016. Prospero seamlessly organised our high profile launch event for us at Phillips Auction House in Mayfair. They helped us to welcome over 200 guests, many of whom came from their own network of Cornucopia Club Donors, and paid meticulous attention to detail.


Since then, they have continued to share our achievements with their own network, welcomed donors from ours, and helped us to receive aroundr £150,000 of donations from UK donors who have been able to support our work in a tax efficient manner. This has enabled us to grow our work and build a further 35schools in Nepal and Kenya.


With this strong foundation, we are now in the process of registering ourselves as an independent UK charity. Prospero World has really helped us to get here. They have gone the extra mile for us, and been supportive and insightful with their advice throughout our dealings with them, and we know that they will continue to support our work even when we are no longer one of their adopted charities. We are extremely grateful that one of our biggest supporters came to us directly through Prospero. We cannot recommend Prospero World strongly enough. 

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