Applying is simple...



Please download the application form here and return your completed document to

Application Deadline: 12:00pm, 30th June 2017


The Minimum Requirements

Candidates must be:

  • Of African origin

  • Under 36 years of age

  • Have the ability to travel and secure necessary visas (Kenya, and Italy OR Brazil) independently .


The Criteria 


Determination: Track record of engaging in art informed by social, political, economic, geographic or cultural concerns.


Community Work: Track record of interacting with communities and working on collaborative projects. Proven ability to adapt and find concrete solutions to challenges. 


Creative and conceptual strength: Originality of the proposed project. Quality of the conceptual approach. How relevant is the proposed project? The selection panel will be looking for freshness and strength of thought. 


Social impact: Clarity of the proposal and relevance of the project in terms of potential for social impact. Is the project scalable? 


Sustainability: Potential of the project to be placed on a sustainable financial footing in the future. 


Character: Does the nominee have integrity and how is this demonstrated?  How committed is the nominee to their own development and how committed are they to learning outside the art sphere e.g. attending a leadership programme?


Basic expenses, including flights, accommodation, food and course fees, will be covered. Please contact us for full details.