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Prospero World  promotes the efficiency and effectiveness of charities, and encourages creative philanthropy. We provide expert, advice to Donors, Foundations and Charities. 

Donors should be confident that their investment in a charity will have a real and direct impact, as well as offer long-term, sustainable benefits. We aim to provide that confidence.

We fulfill our aim by:


  1. Providing bespoke philanthropic advice to individuals, companies and grant-making charities wishing to support charities. 

  2. Providing support to charities and social enterprises, to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness.

  3. Incubating new charities and projects.

Our philanthropic advisory services include the following;

Research & Portfolio CREATION

Since 2007, we have been researching and identifying outstanding charitable organisations, both nationally and internationally, and matchmaking them with individuals and Foundations seeking to support tangible solutions to some of the world's most complex challenges.


We have visited over 250 organisations on behalf of donors, on 4 continents and curated bespoke giving portfolios for donors as far afield as Hong Kong, Mumbai and London.


We excel in matchmaking donors with the fully vetted charities that match their interests and giving criteria. All this is of course backed up by robust due diligence and ongoingly, by Monitoring and Evaluation.

DUe Diligence

We conduct due diligence on charities and Social Enterprises and provide robust advice to donors about their tax-efficient giving. Due diligence involves visiting charities both nationally and internationally, reviewing their constitutional documents and governance arrangements, scrutinising accounts, assessing the financial forecasts of a particular project or a charity’s work overall, assessing whether the purpose of a particular project or wider activities are within the framework of English charity law, and whether the recipient has the necessary expertise and resources to carry out the work which donors wish to support. 


We monitor donations ensuring they have been spent in line with the purpose for which they have been given, and evaluate the impact donations have had. We then report back to donors both verbally and through written reports.  


Our monitoring and evaluation work includes site visits, where appropriate. In particular, when donations have been made overseas, Prospero requires charities to adhere to additional reporting requirements to verify the use of funds. 


Prospero World nurtures relationships between donors and charities, introducing field experts to donors to either further develop existing fields of interest, or to identify areas of charitable activity that may be of particular interest.


As well as organizing private meetings, Prospero World hosts events to showcase the work of exceptional organisations. 


Prospero World advises and supports charities to communicate with donors more effectively. Since our inception in 2007 we have helped build capacity of charitable organisations as far afield East Timor, Singapore and Myanmar as well as in the UK, helping them to improve communication and share best practice models.


Prospero World has a 16 year track record of curating and hosting events. We are delighted to arrange events on behalf of Donors and Charities, taking care of all the details so they can focus on enjoying the event and shining a light on the causes they care about the most.

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Prospero World has been providing bespoke philanthropy advice since 2007. We are known and respected for the high quality services we offer and thrive on the truly bespoke nature of our offering, whether our client is an individual, a Trust or a Foundation. 


Please contact us if you would like further details about any aspect of our work.

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