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A bespoke training academy for 

Next Generation Philanthropists

Prospero World will be launching its formal offering for Next Generation Philanthropists in November 2023. Start Right, our bespoke training academy, is aimed at young people between the ages of 18-25 who are keen to gain a greater understanding, and a working knowledge of the charitable sector. It is also aimed at those who would like real, hands on practice of philanthropy in a safe environment where they will be guided and helped to give away £10,000 to organisations they have selected and fully vetted themselves.


The aim of Start Right is to support the Next Generation of Philanthropists to prepare for their future giving. The Academy will include a menu of offerings that can be tailored to individual requirements.

Please email us for further details.


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Prospero World has been providing bespoke charitable consultancy services since 2007. We are known and respected for the high quality services we offer and thrive on the truly bespoke nature of our offering, whether our client is an individual, a Trust or a Foundation. 


Along the way, we have organically supported numerous Next Generation Philanthropists to better understand the charitable world through internships, volunteering, and field visits. Start Right is the formalisation of what we have been doing for many years, tailor made for each individual.

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