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TARGET 2024: £15,300




Young Film Academy (YFA) is the UK’s leading provider of practical filmmaking training and education to young people.The Young Film Academy believe that its courses should be accessible to everybody and that financial barriers should not limit potential. That's why we are launching the Young Film Academy (YFA) Scholarship Fund.  We need your help to make it happen.



For young people who love films…whether it’s creating them or acting in them, YFA’s all-inclusive Residential Filmmaking and Screen Acting Summer Camp is a dream come true: a chance to eat, sleep and breathe movies!


The camp is held at Culford School (Suffolk), one of the UK’s leading boarding schools, and includes all board, meals, tuition, equipment

and activities.

The Scholarship Fund has been created to enable promising student for diverse backgrounds to join the Residential Camp and fulfil their creative potential. 

The cost of one Scholarship, including a travel bursary, is £1,530. Please donate whatever you are able to. Every penny counts!

SarAH Moyo, YFA SCHOLAR, Shares her experience of the residential camp

My experience at YFA camp has been one that i definitely won't forget. From the beginning the staff as well as the pupils have all been friendly and inclusive, making the atmosphere welcoming and easy to settle into. I've met with different circles of people from different parts of the world, throughout the week and it's been really lovely sharing our love for film.


I've learned a lot of new things in regards to film making and it has been a great privilege to work with high-tech equipment as well as a staff of industry experts who have also given me advice on my further steps after my GCSEs.


Both socially and educationally, I have really enjoyed my time at YFA and it has enabled me to be more clear in seeing that the film industry is the path i want to take.

Sarah Moyo

What is YFA?

Founded in 2002, Young Film Academy (YFA) is the UK’s leading provider of practical filmmaking training and education to young people aged 5-19. YFA works in over 150 schools and runs courses and events nationwide helping over 15,000 young people create and screen their own films. YFA are also hub partners in the British Film Institute (BFI) Network Academy scheme

What is the YFA Scholarship Fund?


The YFA Scholarship Fund is designed to inspire and nurture talent from diverse backgrounds in the film and TV industries.  

Donations to the YFA Scholarship Fund will enable YFA to offer full (or partial) scholarships for selected YFA programmes to students from diverse backgrounds who would otherwise face financial barriers to access.


Employers in the UK film and TV industries report a lack of qualified candidates from diverse backgrounds. YFA are committed to addressing this imbalance by providing inspiring experiences to students before they make choices about further education, and removing financial barriers to access these experiences. 


We know that young people who benefit from practical opportunities in creative media training between the ages of 13-17 can more easily discover the best pathway for themselves into an industry which can sometimes feel inaccessible. 


YFA are delighted already be collaborating with global talent agency Hamilton Hodell on our scholarship programme, funding places for non-white female filmmakers on Young Film Academy’s Residential Filmmaking and Screen Acting Summer Camp. YFA are seeking to build on these foundations to enlarge our scholarship programme and to provide more opportunities to build and nurture diversity in our industry. 

What does the YFA Scholarship Provide?

The YFA Scholarship Funds seeks to provide 10 scholarships to young people between the ages of 13-17, from disadvantaged backgrounds, with creative talent, with the opportunity to attend YFA's prestigious Residential Summer Camp.  The Scholarship will cover the full costs of the one week Residential Summer Camp, as well as providing a travel bursary to enable scholars to reach Culford School in Suffolk, where the camp is held. 

Culford School is the perfect movie location to shoot an action, drama, horror, science-fiction, period drama and more! The only limit is your imagination.

Traditional shared boarding accommodation is separated according to age and gender. Separate common rooms and areas for relaxing are provided.

What do students do at the Residential Summer Camp?

Students on YFA Summer Camp will divide into 2 crews: FILMMAKING CREW (for aspiring filmmakers) & ACTING CREW (for aspiring actors). Students choose which Crew they wish to join for the duration of their camp.

Students in the Acting Crew will develop the performance skills needed to act with impact on screen, learning the difference between stage and screen acting, how to prepare for a shoot or an audition, how to physicalise your character, set etiquette, fight choreography and more, all whilst gaining confidence in front of camera.

Students in the Filmmaking Crew will develop the hands-on creative and technical skills they need to take a movie from initial concept to premiere screening; from storytelling and screenwriting, through camera operating and sound, to editing, special FX and post-production techniques.

Each Crew will develop specialised skills in their own disciplines though practical exercises, workshops and masterclasses with film industry professionals. And because we passionately believe that the best way to learn to is get out there and DO it, the Filmmaking and Acting Crews will then combine in teams to work together for the production of the movies.

And when students aren’t on set, there’ll be oodles of great fun indoor and outdoor activities on offer for them to enjoy, including swimming, tennis, table tennis, basketball, dance, drama, film screenings, movie quizzes, talent show, competitions, games and more!

Each week of YFA Summer Camp culminates in a Premiere Screening of all the completed movies for friends and family in the onsite cinema. There’ll be a packed house, behind-the-scenes special features telling the real story of how that movie got made, and we’re guessing some blooper-reels too…

How much does it cost?

Each one week scholarship will cost £1,530. This includes a travel bursary of £74 for scholars to travel to and from Culford School, food, accommodation and of course the course itself!


Donations made to the YFA SCHOLARSHIP FUND are tax efficient and eligible for 25% Gift Aid. Please donate whatever you are able to. Every penny counts. 


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