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The Benefits

We offer a bespoke service to our adopted charities so they can choose exactly what service is right for them.


We will not actively fundraise for adopted charities, but we will champion them to our existing database of contacts and provide the tools they need to fundraise in a tax efficient manner in the UK.


Our menu of offerings could include:

  • Receiving all donations from UK donors in a tax efficient manner. This means increasing donations by 25% by claiming Gift Aid from qualifying donors.

  • Creating an online fundraising platform for your project.

  • Including your project into our unique charitable gifts catalogue. 

  • Coordinating bespoke events to highlight your work to targeted donors.

  • Highlighting your work on our website.

  • Creating mailings and highlighting work through our “Charity of The Month: In The Spotlight” series.

  • Helping you to create engaging content about your work and market yourselves in a compelling, engaging way both online and in print. 

  • Inviting you to the themed Workshops with experts, exclusive to our network of adopted charities. 

  • Assisting with applications to Trust and Foundations.

  • We set up designated bank accounts for larger funds and provide quarterly reports to our partners. Donations can be made directly into the account. We will send donors a Gift Aid declaration form and claim Gift Aid on eligible donations, meaning we can increase donations by 25%.

We are also a member of Transnational Giving Europe and able to accept to donations tax efficiently from European donors on your behalf.


Our Fee

There is no upfront fee for Prospero World’s Charity Adoption Programme. However, in order to cover administration costs we charge a 10% fee based on donation and Gift Aid income.


All charges are calculated on an individual donation basis, giving our partners the flexibility to be an adopted charity for as long or as short as they like. 

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