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Grass is the Foundation of all life in Northern Kenya. Especially if you are one of the only 3,000 Grevy's Zebra that exist today in the wild. They need grass to survive. But habitat degradation, combined with competition for resources with people and their livestock has become the single greatest threat to the Grevy Zebra's survival.


I have made a donation of £25 in your name to buy 5 Kg of grass seed to support critical grasslands restoration in Northern Kenya. The magic seeds,  may be small, but they are mighty. They are high in nutritional value and will grow brilliantly in the area, to support Grevy's zebra and community livestock.


Grevy's Zebra Trust's Grassland Champions are women who have taken a lead in restoring grasslands. Not only are the women sowing and managing the grass seed, they are involving their community in this initiative. By creating semi-circular bunds (low level embankments made of compacted earth in staggered rows), the women will capture rainwater that will support the growth of the grass seed in the degraded rangelands.


Every blade helps.


#GreatToGive #GreatToReceive

Protect Grevy’s Zebras in Northern Kenya

  • Let us know the name of the person you are making your donation on behalf of, when you check out. We will make a personalised card for you to give them, and send it to you with an overview of what your donation will achieve.

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