Samburu warriors are world famous for their striking appearance. These young men serve as messengers and protectors for the community.


Since 2012, The Grevy’s Zebra Trust has been working in Laisamis, a region of Northern Kenya that is home to one of the most important Grevy’s Zebra populations in the world. Here, a team of ten Grevy’s Zebra Warriors monitor over 200 Grevy’s Zebra, raise awareness, and provide protection to the species.

Their outreach to communities has created a large network of local support and practical conservation action, including dry season water management, mud rescue efforts and supplementary feeding.


A donation of £100 will provide food for a team of seven warriors, during a six-day joint security patrol to keep Grevy's zebra safe from insecurity in the isolated and remote parts of Samburu.


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Protect Grevy’s Zebra from insecurity in Northern Kenya

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