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Out of the Box


Prospero World is a UK registered charity that enriches society through the arts and empowers positive social change through education, collaboration and action. We bring together thought leaders, social innovators and philanthropists, to inspire debate, identify and leverage funding for tangible solutions to social problems. As part of this, we incubate ideas and develop special projects where we perceive a need that is not yet being met. Typically, this involves bringing together charities, social entrepreneurs, businesses and educational institutions in multi-stakeholder projects which have as their aim, the betterment of societies. This forms our Out Of the Box programmes.

In the recent years we have paid special attention to the Fashion Industry, highlighting its enormous potential in developing countries, celebrating authenticity and craftsmanship and raising awareness of its environmental impact. 

As part of these projects we organise and host special fundraising events. These have included How to Make North Korea A Better Place, which raised £71,000 for three charitable organisations helping North Koreans, and The London Philippine Fashion Show, which raised £160,000 for the Ayala Foundation’s CENTEX programme.

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