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TARGET 2024: £65,000


The Orphans Feeding Foundation (OFF) is a Dutch charity, founded in 2011 to support orphans and vulnerable communities across the world. It has provided medicine and food to various orphanages in Asia and Africa, raised funds to fight against hunger and poverty in Europe, and built schools in remote locations of Africa.

Since February 2022, as the full-scale war on Ukraine broke out, OFF has provided emergency humanitarian relief to the civilians and hospitals along the front line in the form of more than 150 tons of food and medicine, generators, stoves and warm winter clothes personally delivered. Their work in Ukraine continued to evolve and in May 2023, OFF began working under 2 Memorandums of Understanding signed with the Presidential Office of Ukraine and the Ombudsman of Ukraine to support the return of the thousands of deported children.


It is impossible to know the exact number of Ukrainian children who have been forcibly displaced by Russia since the beginning of the war because the Ukrainian authorities do not have access to Russia or the Occupied Territories. 



To this date, less than 400 children have been returned to Ukraine and re-united with their families. According to international law, including the 1948 Genocide Convention, such acts constitute genocide if done with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a nation or ethnic group. The United Nations has therefore stated that these deportations constitute war crimes.

OFF's focus


Since the Summer 2023, Orphans Feeding Foundation has been supporting the return of dozens of those children, including:

  • the financing the whole repatriation process for 36 children forcibly displaced,

  • the procurement of the vehicles for their repatriations,

  • the coordination of the psychological and medical support required by the reunited families after such an experience,

  • and the advocacy for more support worldwide through diplomatic mediation with the UN, the European Parliament and the main governments in the West.


As a prevention, OFF is also coordinating the evacuation of hundreds of families from the frontline villages, therefore reducing the risk of further abduction of children.

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Prospero World is the Fiscal sponsor of the Orphan's Feeding Foundation in the United Kingdom and is able to support them to receive tax efficient donations in the UK from UK tax payers. We retain 10% of received income to cover the costs of governance, due diligence, monitoring and evaluation, international banking, and administration fees.



£28 could provide a rucksack full of toys, books and drawing pens for repatriated children.


£76 could cover the psychologist’s fee for a day of work with a reunited family in need.


£688 could cover the evacuation of 100 civilians from the front line villages.

DONATE £2,853

£2,853 could cover all the costs for one child to be repatriated from Russia.


Every penny donated makes a positive difference, whether £1 of £1,000. Please donate whatever you are able to.

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