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charity adoption programme

Prospero World is committed to empowering positive social change through education, collaboration and action. For us, this means strengthening the charitable sector as a whole, sharing best practices and empowering and enabling pioneers to realise their potential. Our Charity Adoption programme is designed to support charities to focus their energy on the causes they care about most and to maximise support for their work.


For many, the process of registering a UK Charity is daunting, time-consuming, and for our international partners, not always practical. That’s where Prospero World comes in. 

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              Syria: The Trojan Women

The programme, aims to support projects who lack the time and resources to set up and manage their own UK registered charity. We seek to strengthen the work of international organisations who do not have the facility to accept charitable donations from British supporters, in a tax-efficient manner.


We help them to benefit from our charitable status and expertise. Donations can be made to Prospero in support of their work, and we will claim the Gift Aid, a UK government scheme that allows charities to claim an extra 25p for every £1 donated to them. This means we can increase donations to the work before passing it on to them. We are also able to receive US tax-deductible donations from US taxpaying donors through the 501c3 scheme.

Our charity adoption is tailor-made to enable projects to focus on the causes they care most about, without needing to worry about the administration and governance involved in running a UK registered charity.

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               Ayala Foundation




Since beginning our Charity Adoption scheme, we have supported:

  • The Syria Trojan Women Project to create joint therapeutic drama and advocacy projects for Syrian refugees in Jordan, Europe and the UK since 2013. 

  • The Mahra Youth Unity Association to continue peace-building and education in Eastern Yemen.

  • The Human Practice Foundation to support quality education and local income generation in Nepal and Kenya.

  • The Bodassaki Foundation to support individual farmers, small businesses and cooperatives active in the production of five flagship Greek agricultural products. 

  • Safe Home, a programme designed in 2015 to support unaccompanied refugee minors in Greece. This has included providing food and medical care, psycho-social support, guardianship services and family reunification. 

  • The Ayala Foundation to provide holistic, quality education for exceptionally bright children from economically disadvantaged families in the Philippines. The programme has enabled children to participate in extra-curricular activities, including the performing arts designed to boost their self confidence, as well as providing classroom learning.

The Process


We ask all prospective partners to complete a simple questionnaire about their work, and to provide accounting records.


Once we have received this information and completed our due diligence, we will prepare a Memorandum of Understanding between you and Prospero World, in which we outline the expectations and how the process will work.




We work with our partners to facilitate their fundraising from UK donors. We do this in a number of ways. 


Online: We can set up a designated fundraising page on Virgin Money Giving so that our partners can offer supporters a quick, simple method of donating online. This enables our partners to easily keep track of donations. Individual fundraising pages can be set up quickly, and personalised so that our partners can showcase their work, tell their story, and make project-specific asks, if this is appropriate. The online fundraising page can also be set up to include photographs and films. We will help you throughout the process and set up the page for you. Virgin Money Giving will automatically thank donors for you, collect Gift Aid on eligible donations and transfer the balance to our account. This method of fundraising is typically used to collect smaller donations.


Bank Transfer: We set up designated bank accounts for larger funds and provide quarterly reports to our partners. Donors can make donations directly into the account, or make donations by cheque if they prefer. We will send donors a Gift Aid declaration form and claim gift aid on eligible donations, meaning we can increase donations by 25%. This method of donation is perfect for any size of donation. Gift Aid can only be claimed on donations received from UK tax-payers and where they have completed a gift aid declaration form.



Prospero World reports regularly to its charity partners and is on hand if help is needed at any time. We send quarterly financial reports in which all income is listed. 


Over the coming weeks we will highlight those who have benefited from our programme and champion charities and individuals who we have been inspired by.

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