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Enriching Society Through The Arts 



Prospero World is a Registered UK Charity (1163952) aiming to enrich society through the arts, to empower change through education, collaboration, and action. We do this by teaming with other groups and individuals, by producing events, presenting research on exceptional established and emerging arts charities, creating awards for outstanding artists committed to social change and building networks to support the arts. 

We were founded in 2007 and since then we have worked throughout Africa, India, South East Asia and the Middle East. ​Today, with a decade's worth of research and experience informing our work, we focus solely on the Arts. Please join us! 

Current Highlights

Make your festive giving really count with one of our 15 personalised gifts.

The presents that we give during the festive period are all the more powerful if they support and nourish others.  At Prospero we have been working hard to find a way for you to give inspired and personalised presents that are truly wanted.
This year we are presenting personalised gifts that will keep on giving. With 15 gorgeous gifts to choose from, the most challenging part will be deciding which projects to support!

Following a rigorous application and due diligence process over the summer, Prospero World is delighted to announce the addition of three outstanding organisations to our family of Adopted Charities. Our warmest congratulations to all three winners and welcome aboard!

From the plains of Ethiopia and Kenya, to the slums of Mumbai, we are honoured to support and enhance the work of these diverse and inspiring causes, and we greatly look forward to bringing them to the attention of British supporters. 

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting us all. Everyone is doing all they can to support those they love, and it has been extremely inspiring to see over 1,000,000 members of the public signing up to help the most vulnerable members of our communities.

However, the UK charity sector estimates that it will lose £4.3 billion in income over 12 weeks as a result of the pandemic. Many have had to reduce or stop their work at a time when vulnerable members of society need them most. We are proud to launch our COVID-19 Response Fund in support of the charitable work being done, and to provide you with the opportunity to support a range of essential services around the capital. Please give generously.

Charity Adoption

Prospero World’s Charity Adoption programme aims to support projects that lack the time and resources to set up and manage their own UK registered charity. We also seek to strengthen the work of charitable organisations or projects who do not have the ability to accept charitable donations from British supporters, in a tax-efficient manner.

Our adoption scheme is tailor-made to enable projects to focus on the causes they care most about, without needing to worry about the administration and governance involved in running a UK registered charity. 

Shining a Light on the Arts for Social Change

Prospero World is always on the look-out for new projects that pioneer the use of the Arts for Social Change. We are inspired by the idea of addressing the problems of our time through the exchange of knowledge, by developing thoughts and challenging existing perspectives. Accordingly, our In The Spotlight series is inspired by the remarkable individuals and organisations we meet along the way and is shared here to provide a flavour of our research.

Discover Hidden London

Join our mailing list to receive special invitations to Arts events around London. Will you discover your flugelhorn at Ronnie Scots, try out Forum Theatre at Asia House or Honour the 75th Anniversary of the Dambusters in a former flooring shop in the backstreets of Mayfair? Join us and find out...

Philanthropic Consultancy

Our sister organisation Prospero World Trading Limited, is a not-for-profit company offering a kaleidoscope of charitable consultancy services to suit every need. We have over a decade's worth of experience in services including bespoke research, report writing, monitoring and evaluation and advisory services. Please contact us if you would like to discuss how we can help you.

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Prospero World is a UK Registered Charity: 1163952 .

Prospero World Trading Limited, Company Number: 09765515 

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