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TARGET 2024: £50,000

Raised since launch: £9,820


On 10th October 2022, Vladimir Putin bombed the Taras Shevchenko playground in Kyiv where our children and their cousins regularly play, 2 blocks away from where Tetyana’s family and our children’s Granny, aunt, uncle and cousin, currently live. Taras Shevcehnko’s Park was where local people got joy in their lives despite all that was going on around them, and now it has been blasted away.


We have been finding out who owns/is responsible for this park and how money can be raised quickly and effectively to restore it asap before winter sets in. The local children carry on using the playground even after it has been damaged so we want to make sure they can continue doing so safely.


Prospero World, a UK registered Charity have been working with us, to identify how best to help. They have agreed to receive your donations on our behalf, and set up a designated Fund which will be channelled in the first instance to restore Taras Shevchenko Playground. Donations that are left over will be channelled to supporting other pressing humanitarian needs which are becoming increasingly urgent as winter approaches.


Donations with your card can be made on this platform or on Prospero website


If you would prefer to do a BACS Transfer, the bank details are as follows:


Account Name: Prospero World 6


Sort Code: 16-58-10


Account Number: 21048835


Reference: Ukraine Humanitarian Fund


Prospero World will claim Gift Aid on eligible donations, increasing donations by 25%. The charity will retain a fee of 10% to cover the costs of governance, due diligence, monitoring and evaluation, international banking, and administration fees, to ensure that your donations are used strictly in accordance with Charity Commission regulations.


We are overwhelmed and incredibly grateful for the support everyone has shown to the people of Ukraine and to our family. Thank you for your strength and continuing support.


Charles and Tetyana





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