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In Yemen, conflict has been raging since 2014. Rather than buying you something you don't want, I made a donation of £10 in your name, to bring some joy to children in Eastern Yemen participating in a Peace building programme.


The programme is designed to promote stability by encouraging long-term thinking among Mahra’s next generation, both boys and girls. Children, aged 6 and over, will be engaged in critical thinking and problem solving aimed at peace building. The programme will be held in 28 schools, once a week for 3 hours, on a rolling basis. Children will be encouraged to address big issues, including how to rebuild their country once the conflict is over.


Your donation will give coloured pens and an activity book for 1 child so they can participate in the peace-building course.


#GreatToGive #GreatToReceive

Give a child in Yemen materials to participate in peace building

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