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GPS has become a daily part of life for many, not just showing us how to get from A to B, but highlighting where traffic is heavy, so that we can avoid it. But did you know that GPS can also be used by fishermen to identify where shoals of fish are so that they can target those exact spots?


In war-torn Yemen, the waters are being exploited by foreign haulers who, armed with modern technology, are entering Yemeni waters to hoover up fish. This is devastating the livelihoods of local fishermen.


A donation of £25 will pay for a fisherman to be trained to use GPS technology so that he can maximise his catch, and provide for his family. Hurray.


#GreatToGive #GreatToReceive



Fisherman in Eastern Yemen

  • Let us know the name of the person you are making your donation on behalf of, when you check out. We will make a personalised card for you to give them, and send it to you with an overview of what your donation will achieve.

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