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TARGET 2024: £65,000

DONATIONS 2023: £275

Kai aims to support current and future Marine Protected Areas by helping them to access appropriate technologies, solutions and partnerships. This will allow them to set up and support monitoring more quickly and robustly and increase Ocean literacy. 

The Two Eyed Approach:

Kai believes very strongly in a collaborative, inclusive “Two Eyed” approach. This term comes from two Mi’kmaq elders and describes the dual focus on modern technology and traditional customs. One eye views from the western, technology based perspective; the other views from a more traditional, often indigenous system of thought.

What we do:

There are many great organisations involved in Ocean protection efforts. These range from forward thinking governments and large NGOs to grassroots community-based projects in all corners of the world.

The task facing us all is immense. In March 2023, the UN made a commitment to bring 30% of the Ocean under effective protection by 2030 - up from 2.8% of properly protected ocean that exists today.

In some senses, the task is so large that there is little need for a new participant in this effort to be radically different from existing organisations. With a tenfold increase in protected areas required in less than 7 years, there is plenty of work to go around.

We want to focus on ways of helping everyone make more of an impact.

We’d certainly be proud to help kick-start a few more Marine Protected Areas. However, we believe we can have much greater impact in two specific ways. Firstly, we aim to support efforts to connect amazing technology innovation to the fight to protect the Ocean, particularly in the area of monitoring. Secondly, we want to add our voice to efforts to increase awareness of the Ocean and the importance of protecting it. We will do so by shining a light on less prominent but equally fundamental issues.

Why we do it:

The Ocean plays a vital role in maintaining an environment that is supportive of life as we know it. It performs a critical role in climate regulation, absorbing 90% of excess heat and over a quarter of anthropogenically produced carbon dioxide. It also plays a vital part in our human story.

Accounting for 20% of overall animal protein consumption, over $1.5 trillion in annual GDP and 30+ million jobs, the Ocean is under threat as never before.

Among the many threats are climate change, habitat fragmentation, and subsequent loss of biodiversity. As economic growth continues on an unsustainable trajectory, we are already seeing signs that the Ocean’s ability to regulate temperature is reaching its limit. In such a difficult situation we must be solution orientated and collaborate to do so, inspiring the start of Kai.







Kai aims to support efforts to protect the Ocean by facilitating access to appropriate technologies, solutions and partnerships, providing effective and robust monitoring capabilities.

There is an increasing number of organisations focused on creating tools, providing real-time data and actionable analysis and developing best-in-class processes to better manage and monitor MPAs.

To date, there is no integrated ‘Satellite to Sea Floor’ monitoring tool or integrated solution that can be easily adopted, scaled and reused. Kai sees that opportunities to take advantage of existing tools, best practices and standardised repeatable processes are being missed.

Our first project will be to work with leading developers of AI, satellite and sea surface vessels to develop a fully integrated monitoring system. Partnering with existing projects, we will help implement the system and train local communities in its use. We will then offer this monitoring system to new and existing MPAs around the world.


Science Communication

You’d be forgiven for thinking there’s not a lot going on beneath British waves. The greener water and cooler temperatures don’t scream biodiversity like the crystal clear waters of the tropics - but that’s not to say there’s nothing here worth, seeing, understanding and protecting.

Some conservation topics make it to the surface, but there are plenty of species stories which go untold..

KAI seeks to bridge this gap between sea and screen to showcase what there on offer on our doorstep, you might find you rely on it more than you think.

The first film

We are looking to produce and release a documentary about a lesser addressed species, the Spurdog. This will be shot over a 6 month period in Scotland and South West England. We have already started shooting so we need all the support we can get now!

Through this documentary, we will engage with a variety of different stakeholders and seek to understand their relationship with this small shark.

Become a Film Sponsor

It is important to us that we secure funding from as wide a range of people as possible. By doing this, we reduce the risk of pressure to adopt a particular editorial position and can act with much more freedom than might otherwise be the case. Please click here to see our Sponsorship packages

Listen to the Podcast: Out of Our Bubble

Join Liberty Denman, Founding Member of Kai and marine biologist, as she explores all things Marine related in her Podcast "Out of our bubble".


Liberty is a marine biologist and science communicator with a first-class degree from the University of Plymouth. She has spent the last 6 years working in various roles including research, consultancy, science communication and campaigns. Her belief that the solutions lie in collaboration across different sectors and borders has facilitated work with brands such as EcoCiv, The Biome Project, GhostNetWork, the Ocean Conservation Trust and the Angling Trust. Following this, Liberty was invited to work with Reboot The Future and Unilever on their COP27 campaign. Liberty also set up her own science communication and consultancy business, LibertyDenmanDives. A key element of this work has been in production, using documentaries as a method to communicate research and topical marine content. Her particular focus on elasmobranchs, overfishing and policy has taken her to all corners of the world working in Bimini, South Africa, Portugal and Malta as well as locally in the UK. 


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