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TARGET: £50,000


To promote cultural sensitivity and diversity, using the Arts as a tool for positive social change. 





14MM is a newly registered Community Interest Company in the UK. The organisation is committed to using the arts as a tool for social change, fostering a world where diversity is celebrated, and cultural sensitivity is the norm. 

Their Core Values are:

  • Inclusivity: To embrace people of all backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, and create a vibrant tapestry of voices. They have a particular focus on Afro-European culture.

  • Empathy: To encourage understanding and empathy by showcasing diverse narratives and experiences through various art forms, with a particular focus on film.

  • Collaboration: To actively collaborate with artists, communities, and organisations to amplify collective impact.

  • Education: To provide educational talks and screenings in schools and universities that foster cultural competence and encourage dialogue on critical social issues.

  • Advocacy: To advocate for the importance of the arts in promoting a more inclusive and tolerant society.

Their Goals:

  • To inspire conversations on diversity, tolerance, and cultural understanding through film screenings, talk and educational outreach.

  • To engage communities in meaningful dialogue and bridge cultural divides.

  • To partner with schools, institutions, and community organisations to integrate arts- based programs into their diversity initiatives.

  • To create scholarship that may advance the artistic career of people within underrepresented communities.

  • To create opportunities for work experience and career advancement of people within underrepresented communities.

  • To effect positive change by promoting unity and social harmony through artistic expression.

Il Moro

14MM's current project, the short film Il Moro (The Moor) has won the Oscar Qualifying Reel Sisters Film Festival and is currently in the 2024 Award Race.


Il Moro is based on the real life of Alessandro de’ Medici, the first Duke of Florence in the 1530s and first man of African descent to become a head of state in Renaissance Europe. Despite the importance of his role in European history, his story remains largely untold. 


Alessandro de’ Medici, was the son of Pope Clement VII and a servant of African  origin. The short film follows Alessandro as he finds his voice and his power, when his father entrusts him with the command of Florence, despite being unable to admit his paternity. 


Il Moro uses a historical event to shine a light on a problem that is far from over.

Daphne Di Cinto, Il Moro's Afro-Italian Writer and Director explains:

'When I researched  the story of Alessandro de' Medici, I found a striking parallel with the experience of Black-Europeans today. Alessandro had to deal with other people’s perception of his “low birth”. Today, almost 500 years later, we continue to struggle with other people’s perception of our backgrounds and skin colour. In Italy, Black-face and the N-word are still allowed on TV and people who have been born and raised in Italy to two immigrant parents, are still denied the right to citizenship. Why do we still have to debate the legitimacy of our existence? Alessandro's story seeks to shine a light on the historical import of Black-Europeans and racism. 


Both Il Moro and the future projects we have in the pipeline, seek to challenge this. We established 14MM to serve as a catalyst for positive social change, not only to challenge racism and fight against discrimination but, by widening the lens on historical facts and people, to inspire a better way to be. Above all, Il Moro is a story of hope."


Il Moro, has already won multiple awards, but 14MM want their stories to be accessible to everyone and to reach a wider, mainstream audience. They want to use the film as a tool to educate, inspire, debate and celebrate diversity. 


To help them achieve this, Il Moro is currently on a tour of USA’s most important universities (Princeton, Columbia, NYU, etc.). The film has also won an Oscar qualifying festival. This is a promising start. But 14MM need your help to go further.  


They are trying to raise £50,000 by the 5th December to support a targeted marketing and communication campaign that will propel Il Moro into the spotlight. £50,000 will enable them, with the help of a leading PR company, to implement an outreach campaign that will include showcases, event organisation, travel and accommodation expenses, and graphic design fees.  


Donations of all sizes, will help 14MM to bring Il Moro to new audiences, and to foster powerful conversations about diversity, inclusion and unity. Thank you for your support.

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Dec 12, 2023

We need “Il Moro” film to be one of our vessels to narrate the other story of Italy!

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