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Going to School works across India to inspire children, families and communities, to understand the benefits of school and to spark enthusiasm about the opportunities education offers. One of their programme, Get A Plan, consists of 30 graphic novels that enable young people to learn 21st Century Design-Thinking Skills and explore new careers and new problem-solving sustainable enterprises. The project has a strong focus on girls’ retention in school and transition from school to work or enterprise of her choice after the age of 18.


Donate £50 to provide a child in India with a set of 5 graphic novels. And because we believe in sharing, we will also send a book to a child of your choice in the UK, so they can experience the magic of the graphic novel first hand.


#GreatToGive #GreatToReceive

Inspire Design Thinking with a Set of Indian Graphic Novels

  • Let us know the name of the person you are making your donation on behalf of, when you check out. We will make a personalised card for you to give them, and send it to you with an overview of what your donation will achieve. 

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