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Rather than buying you something you probably don't need, I decided to support conservation of the endangered Grevy's Zebra, and I did it in your name.


Grevy's Zebra scouts are people from the community that live within the Grevy's zebra range, who are hired and trained in Northern's Kenya's Samburu district to help monitor the endangered Grevy's Zebra. The scouts also help share the message of conservation in their own communities. 21 of the 29 scouts are women, many of whom are widows or single mothers and are able to provide medical care and education for their children thanks to their income.


Being a Grevy’s Zebra Scout increases their standing within the community, and they are publicly recognized by men for their important role in conservation of the community’s resources.The Scouts also conduct community outreach sessions, engaging elders, women, warriors, children and local leaders in conservation discussions. The topics covered during these meetings include Grevy’s zebra access to water, planned grazing, security and wildlife, and the impact of sand harvesting. The Scouts emphasise the importance of tolerance and co-existence with all wildlife, not just with Grevy’s zebra. They are also equipped with glove puppets made by Kenana Knitters so that they can liven up their outreach work to fellow community members!


I made a donation of £50 in your name pay for one Grevy's Zebra Scout to provide critical monitoring and protection for Grevy's zebra in northern Kenya for one month.


#GreatToGive #GreatToReceive

Empower Tribal Women to Protect Grevy's Zebra in Northern Kenya

  • Let us know the name of the person you are making your donation on behalf of when you check out. We will make a personalised card for you to give them, and send it to you with an overview of what your donation will achieve.

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