Yogeswari's Recipes

To make the Prohok Ktis we have to put the pan on the fire until it is hot then and add as much as you like. Then grill the ground garlic, ground tomato, ground onion until it starts to smell and then we add in the red ground chili. Keep stirring until all the ingredients turn red. Then add Krerng Bok. Stir it until it has good smell and good color then add the ground tofu.

Keep stirring it until the tofu turns red and cook well. Add salt, soy bean, brown sugar as much as you like! Then add the fried tofu, stir all the ingredients until they are mixed together, then season and add the coconut milk. Finally, add the tamarind sauce. Cook on a low heat for around 5 mins then it is READY! Serve with raw/steamed vegetables.


To make the Amok, heat a pan until it is hot, and then add as much oil as you like. Follow the instructions above until the brown sugar. Then add mushrooms and taste to make sure you are happy with the taste. Add the fried tofu and stir it together until it is totally mixed together. Then finally, add the coconut milk. Cook on a low heat for around 15 mins then it is READY! Serve it in a banana leaf cone. Use one spoon of coconut milk for decoration with Ngor leaf and a long chili.


The Ingredients:




Prohok Ktis Ingredient (10 plates)



Tofu (ground)

Fried tofu

Pea eggplant-200 grams

Garlic-20 pieces

Small onion-10 pieces 

Galangal-one coffee spoon

Kaffir lime leaf (Sloek kroch serch)-5 leaves

Tamarind sauce-4 rice spoons

Salt-1 coffee spoon

Soy bean-5 coffee spoons

Brown Sugar-1 rice spoon

Ground garlic-1 coffee spoon

Ground tomato-1 coffee spoon

Ground onion-1 coffee spoon

Red ground chili-6 (small spoon)

Coconut milk-400-600ml

Raw vegetables (Any kind that you want to eat with Prohok Ktis after it’s cooked)



Amok ingredients (5 plates)



White mushroom-500g

Sloek Gnor/Ngor leaf (use for decoration purpose)

Long chili (use for decoration purpose)

Banana leaf (use as plate to put Amok for served)

Red ground chili-2 coffee spoon

Krerng Bok (lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf, turmeric, garlic, galangal, little salt-grind all together)-150g

Coconut milk-200g