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 yapak  -- Tagalog.

  • n. tread, footstep, footprint [syn. tapak] nakayapak (naka-)

  • adj. barefoot

YAPAK’s mission is to celebrate and advance public awareness of Filipino literature and arts, to promote Filipino culture and values, and to encourage new creative works, worldwide, by people of Filipino descent. YAPAK was founded in 2018 by Elija Villanueva,  who is known to many of you from our events. Elija and the YAPAK team, applied to Prospero World to become an adopted charity, fulfilling all our due diligence requirements and impressing us with the nature of their work.

Their application to become an adopted charity, was approved by Prospero World's Trustees in September 2020, the same month that YAPAK's application to become a registered charity in the Philippines was approved by the government there (CN202006255).
YAPAK's primary purpose is to encourage young Filipinos to honour their families and contribute to society. This broad, and ambitious aim, is realised by working on a community based level in the Philippines, as well as more broadly with the diaspora through competitions, events, workshops, performances, and online talk shows. YAPAK  achieves its goals by:

  • promoting appreciation of Philippine literature, arts and culture

  • creating projects and organising activities, 

  • encouraging young people to produce original literary works utilising modern technology, and 

  • collaborating with NGOs and governmental agencies to advance the goals of YAPAK. 

YAPAK’s Ambassador programme recruits volunteers to offer guidance, leadership and encouragement to the next generation of Filipino creative producers. 
YAPAK’s key projects include:

  • Competitions for young Filipino’s both in the Philippines itself and overseas to engage public awareness about the arts and culture of the Philippines,

  • A quarterly digital magazine that highlights the work of YAPAK and is an outlet to showcase the creative works contributed by its community,

  • A volunteer-run website that promotes the Filipino culture and is a portal to learn more about the Philippines,

  • YAPAK Talk Show- a live show on YAPAK’s YouTube channel and FaceBook Live, that features inspiring individuals as they discuss their life and journey,

  • Workshops that invite speakers from different backgrounds to talk about their respective fields,

  • Spoken word poetry shows in the Philippines and the UK that demonstrate the love of arts and culture through performance and collaboration with other organisations.

These projects are run monthly and annually. YAPAK aims to raise at least £8,000 - £10,000 per project to sustain the operational costs of the organisation
YAPAK’s Beneficiaries 
YAPAK has 25,000 followers, 1,300 supporters and 300 YAPAK Ambassadors including 30 active members in the UK. With their help, YAPAK's most recent competition reached 1.3 million individuals!

In addition to its arts and culture programming, YAPAK has been able to support 16 scholars with a monthly allowance that enables students to purchase textbooks and other essentials needed for their education. 
Currently, and in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, YAPAK are seeking to provide data cards to school aged children in the Philippines to enable them to attend school remotely. £25 for example, will enable YAPAK to provide data for a child to attend online classes for 6 months. This is crucial given that half the population of the Philipines do not have internet access at home.

YAPAK seeks donors who can donate £300 - £500 annually for to maintain the allowance of one student in the Philippines in addition to supporting the core programmes.