What do Zebras, Libraries, Knights & Beekeepers have in common?

Following a rigorous application and due diligence process over the summer, Prospero World is delighted to announce the addition of four outstanding organisations to our family of Adopted Charities. 

Congratulations To Prospero World’s 4 New Adopted Charities!

Welcome aboard to Book Bunk (restoring and reinventing heritage libraries in Kenya to create new generative sites of knowledge and exchange) Going to School India (driving the next wave of creative school-age entrepreneurs to solve to most pressing challenges of out times, including Beekeeping!), the Grevy's Zebra Trust (protecting and growing the numbers of the endangered Grevy Zebra) and YAPAK (advancing Filipino Arts and culture, whose founder's include a Knight of Rizal).

We are honoured to support and enhance the work of these diverse and inspiring causes, bringing them to the attention of British supporters. 

Our Adopted Charities Programme is tailor-made to enable projects to focus on their core work, without needing to worry about the administration and governance involved in running a UK registered charity. The programme enables adopted charities to receive donations in a tax efficient manner from UK donors with a range of additional benefits and hands-on support. 

We are now excited to start work with our new partners, as they join the ranks of already adopted charities AZAHARSyria: The Trojan Women ProjectPhoenix SpaceUntold and The Mahra Youth Union Association.

You will be hearing about each one in more detail through  our “In The Spotlight” series. Read on now for an interview with Prospero World trustee Nadeem Shaikh on the selection process and benefits of our adoption programme.
Here is a glimpse of what is to come.
Charity Name: Book Bunk
Category: Arts and Culture
Country of Registration: Kenya

Mission Statement: Book Bunk is restoring some of Nairobi’s most iconic public libraries into sites of heritage, public art, collective memory, knowledge production, shared experiences, cultural leadership and information exchange. Our overall objective is to restore these public libraries into inclusive and usable spaces in Nairobi and Kenya’s creative economy ecology. 
Charity Name: Going to School Fund
Category: Education and Training
Country of Registration: India

Mission Statement: Going to School makes design-driven stories to equip children and young people with the skills they need to transition from school to work or enterprise of their choice and take on the biggest challenges of our time Youth Unemployment and Climate Change. 
Charity Name: Grevy's Zebra Trust
Category: Environment, Conservation and Animals
Country of Registration: Kenya

Mission Statement: To conserve and grow the Grevy’s zebra population in northern Kenya. The Grevy's Zebra Trust (GZT) was established in January 2007 to address the urgent need to conserve Grevy's zebra in the community rangelands of Kenya and Ethiopia. We are an independent wildlife conservation Trust registered in Kenya and the only organisation that is 100% dedicated towards saving the endangered Grevy’s zebra.
Recognising that the survival of the Grevy’s zebra depends on its ability to coexist with people living in northern Kenya, GZT believes these communities must be at the centre of designing and driving conservation efforts. GZT works in partnership with communities from monitoring Grevy’s zebra through citizen science, to co-designing site specific and tailored solutions to threats facing the species. In all of its work, GZ T seeks ways to use data and information to inform decisions and solution for positive conservation outcomes.

Charity Name: YAPAK
Category: Arts and Culture, Education and Training
Country of Registration: Philippines

Mission Statement: To advance the knowledge and education of the public on the subject of Philippine literature, arts and culture and to promote Filipino culture and values for the public benefit by all or any of the following means:

  1. Creating literature, arts and culture projects and organising related activities

  2. Encouraging you to produce original literary works

  3. Inspiring stories to express YAPAK’s goals

  4. Providing guidance and leadership that applies Filipino values.

Prospero’s Charity Adoption Programme continues to be open for new applicants who meet the criteria. The applications will be reviewed on the rolling basis. 

Interview with Nadeem Shaikh, Trustee, Prospero World. 

Nadeem shares his insights on the Charity Adoption Programme and his recent experience of the selection process.  

What is the process of reviewing the applications for the Charity Adoption Programme?

Prospero has a detailed process which hinges on our robust due diligence:  Interviewing the staff, getting references, checking the legal status of applicants, reviewing accounts and business plans. Applications are reviewed, firstly by Prospero’s team, then by our Advisory Board and finally, by the Board of Trustees. 
Beyond the due diligence, our passion is the causes themselves and how well applicant charities and Prospero‘s missions are aligned. Charities are selected based on their mission, their ability to deliver on it, their track record and their ability to show the legitimacy of the charity. 


What are the main factors influencing the Trustees’ decision to adopt a new charitable project?

For me, there are two main considerations.  Firstly, does the mission and ethos of the applicant organisation fit with Prospero’s and is it a charity that we want to support. Secondly, is it a legitimate charity which has fully satisfied our due diligence, or are there any red flags. 

What are your personal highlights of the selection process?

There are several! From the quality of the charities themselves, to the breadth of the work they are doing, their geographical spread, and the stage they are at (whether they are mature or at the early stages). The main thing for me though, is the Passion, of the founders and people running these organisation, their personal pride and the commitment to their mission -it is truly inspiring and  was the highlight for me.

What are the challenges?

I think the challenge for us is, is to keep finding the quality and the breadth of the projects. In terms of the execution of the Charity Adoption programme itself, we have an exceptional team who are fully committed to the success of our Adopted Charities. 

Why do you think the programme is special?

Firstly, it allows us as Prospero, to fulfil our mission in working with incredible charities around the world, and to support causes that are close to our heart. Secondly, it allows us to provide the adopted charities with a fully tailor-made service which is fundamental for their growth and ability to attract the right kind of funding. And thirdly, and very importantly, the programme has now given us a clear path for Prospero itself to become a sustainable platform. We are driven by the work we are doing and the support we are providing.