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Ukraine: Our Response

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It has been just over two weeks since we last contacted you and asked for your support for the people of Ukraine. We wanted to thank you for your incredible response which has helped us raise nearly £80,000 in support of Ukrainians, and to update you on what you have helped to achieve.

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Inside Ukraine: Medical Aid

Thanks to your generosity, we have raised £13,500 to provide emergency relief to people in Ukraine.

We have channelled your donations to Razom, meaning "together" in Ukrainian, who are providing urgent medical supplies in war torn parts of Ukraine. Razom is working with volunteers and partners in the US, Poland and Ukraine to address the emergency medical needs of people in Ukraine. Their current focus is on getting tactical medical kits (first aid) to the people who need them most. To effectively and efficiently distribute supplies, Razom are also providing non-medical supplies, like drones.  

Tactical medicine has already been sent and has arrived in Kyiv and Zhytomyr Oblasts in Ukraine. An additional 38 tons of medical and hospital supplies are now on their way to Ukraine via Poland.
We are extremely grateful to you for your support. If you have not yet donated but would like to do so, please make a donation here.

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Outside Ukraine: Refugees

Our Adopted Charity, Phoenix Space were established in 2019 to provide educational opportunities to young refugees. They have had a team of volunteers on the Ukraine Polish border since day two of the crisis. 
Phoenix Space are working with trusted, civil society groups to help to get people out of Ukraine and to provide help at the borders in Poland, Moldova and Romania. The team are assessing the individual needs of refugees and creating tailor made packages of support for them. A member of the Phoenix Space team has been deployed to the Polish-Ukranian border to coordinate the allocation of resources.
They are providing the following:

  1. Transport from the Ukraine to Poland, and then onwards throughout Europe.

  2. Temporary accommodation in Poland, Germany and other European countries. At the moment, 50 rooms have been permanently reserved. Each room is able to provide sanctuary of up to 4 people.

  3. Cash support to arriving refugees to help those without funding, to access essential products like food and medical supplies.

The cost of providing food, shelter and essential supplies to one refugee, is approximately EUR 20 per day. This package of support is being offered until refugees obtain political asylum and are relocated by the sponsoring Government.

The project has raised £64,000 since the appeal was launched which is incredible. But much more is needed. If you would like to support their work, please do so here.

If you would like to discuss other ways in which you can help, please contact us.

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On Monday 7th March, Prospero World's Trustee Konstantin Sivokhin, originally from Ukraine, and Anna-Louisa Psarras participated in a special Philanthropy Impact Panel. The panel discussed how philanthropy advisors can support their clients in actioning support in response to the Ukraine crisis. We attach some highlights below for those who do not have time to watch the whole webinar.

Rennie Hoare, Partner and Head of Philanthropy, C. Hoare & Co.

Enver Solomon, CEO, Refugee Council,
Konstantin Sivokhin, Trustee, Prospero World,
Anna-Louisa Psarras, Prospero World and
Laura Kyrke-Smith, Executive Director, IRC UK