Exhibition Day!

Today the girls arrived with their beautiful babies and pregnant bellies to see their work, proudly (and publically displayed) for the first time ever, on the white walls of the GoDown Arts centre. The expression on their faces was one of unmistakable excitement. They were understandably a little anxious too!

The food was laid out for them and they very much enjoyed sampling all the finger foods. One of them told me they had never before used a wine glass. All these details meant the world to them because they had never in their lives experienced anything like this. Seeing their work on the wall was the cherry on top of the cake. They couldn’t believe what they had accomplished and how, after all the hard work, it had all come together so beautifully.

It made me consider that the small things we take for granted, are infact milestones for so many people who are so frequently sidelined.

The reception and the turn out was great. The room was full of young minds who were excited to be part of this and to see the result of such a project championing the use of the arts for social change.

I was fortunate enough to share some of my experiences with the local media and other photographers. I am so happy that everything has come together as planned, but more, that the girls had the time of their lives and experienced something new and so empowering. My heart has been filled with so much joy seeing them so happy. They truly were stars.

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