Preparing for the exhibition

Today’s workshop involved looking through the images that the participants have taken and which have now been printed in preparation for the exhibition. The girls were very excited to see their work in print. I felt a little disappointed that they had not followed the brief completely, but most of the images do illustrate personal stories. As much as i was not enthralled by all of the images, I was happy to get a glimpse into their worlds. They showed a lot of enthusiasm about the exhibition and having the opportunity to showcase what they have been doing in the workshops over the past few weeks.

The second part of the workshop was a session on family planning. I invited Dommy, who works for Access Afya, to come in and talk to the girls about protecting themselves from Sexually Transmitted Disease and family planning. I was surprised to find out that most of them had no clue about family planning and did not know that it was possible to prevent pregnancy. Their biggest fear has been their beliefs in myths and misconceptions about contraception which has prevented them from finding out about it. Up until this day, many had used the female condom not as a contraceptive device, but as a bracelet!

Changing their understanding about this was extremely rewarding and they were so happy for the session. Most of them left, keen to try one method or another.

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