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The Klitschko Foundation is a Ukrainian charitable organisation founded by one of the most successful champions in boxing history, the Klitschko Brothers. Their aim is to create opportunities for young people and their communities. We are delighted to welcome them to our Charity Adoption Programme and to introduce you to their work.

Since it was founded in 2003, more than 2 million people have benefitted from The Klitschko Foundation's pioneering programmes.
The Foundation says:
“Through informal education, we help the new generation of Ukrainian changemakers become confident professionals with the skills needed for 21st century life. We help young people to apply their skills to improve themselves and the communities they live in. Such people become role models and encourage the development of their peers.”
In 2020, the global pandemic meant Klitschko had to rethink how they were able to work. To ensure the safety of their beneficiaries, staff and volunteers, all projects were adapted to an online format and the foundation staff began working remotely. 
In 2021, the Foundation set up its own digital platform (Impactum) from which it now runs its programmes. The platform provides thematic training programmes tailored to its target groups. Programmes include video lectures, case studies, podcasts, tests, and online interactions which are designed to be truly engaging. 

Programmes are offered in the following areas:

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The Klitschko Foundation's Team tell us more.

What makes your work special? 

Angelina Osadcha, Director: We make dreams come true! We are a team that embodies the dreams of Ukrainian youth. We help them believe and fight for their dreams. We are convinced that every person deserves opportunities for development and self-realisation, especially when young people dream of these things. We help people realise that dreams do come true and it makes our work special. 

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What has been the most inspiring story you have seen as a result of the work you are doing?

Ihor Yefymenko, Project Manager: The Klitschko Foundation has embodied the dreams of young people for 18 years. During this period we have helped more than 2 million people in Ukraine. For us, these 2 million people have a unique story. 

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Dmytro Kryzanivskyi, Project Manager:  Every participant has her/his own history of change: personal, local, and global. These stories of change inspire and motivate us to work harder because there are still so many people whose dreams we can make come true. Every year we gather these stories and publish them in our annual report.

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What is a typical day for you and your team?

Sofia Tarasiuk, Communications Manager: There is no typical day for our team. Our working days are full of communications both within the team and with participants, discussing new ideas and projects, establishing partnerships and working with anyone who shares our values and wants to be fighters and dreamers just like us.

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What would The Foundation achieve with an unrestricted donation of £10,000?

Vasyl Teremta, Project Manager: We can make more dreams come true! Also, for us, it is a great opportunity to make a bigger positive impact on society and to implement sustainable development goals — an inseparable part of our activities. 

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Valentina Shurubura, Head Accountant: For every organisation, a donation is a sign of trust and support for our mission. It is also important for our team to feel this support and be able to involve more participants in our projects.  

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What is the biggest challenge for The Foundation?

Taras Stefurak, Project Assistant: The biggest challenge for us is not to disappoint the participants and prove that everything is possible! We are a team that isn’t afraid of challenges because in our work we use the method of Wladimir Klitschko “F.A.C.E. the challenge” and know how to turn challenges into development opportunities. 

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What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Oksana Diadiura, Project Manager: We all get inspiration from our work. We get it from the results of our work: participants, their successes, projects, new initiatives, partnerships that help make stronger and larger projects; our team, which is always charged with positive change and our mission.

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The Foundation’s current priority is championing inclusive physical education for children with Special Educational Needs (SEN). Official statistics suggest that there are over 165,000 children in the Ukraine with SEN. Too often, society is not inclusive of them. The Klitschko Foundation is determined to challenge this and to champion children with SEN. For more information please click below. 

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