Championing Charities


Prospero World is always on the look-out for pioneering projects. They come to us via contacts already made, through independent research and from clients who ask us to vet projects. Typically, we visit the project headquarters, spend time understanding the challenges being faced and the methods used to overcome them. We also analyse each organisations costs and funding needs. We then write up a recommendations, and when appropriate, organise an awareness-raising event or film to show potential donors.

We have a database of over 300 outstanding charities around the world, and we are delighted to share our research with others, or conduct new research for those with special requirements. 


We have always hosted events to bring to life the work of the fascinating, passionate, small charities that we are lucky enough to meet in the course of our research. We found we could gather together an informal mix of philanthropists, artists, specialists of many kinds and of course NGO representatives, creating unique, informative and genuinely engaging evenings where research was presented, debate encouraged, friends made, experiences shared and philanthropic support and interest triggered.


We are inspired by the idea of addressing the problems of our time through the exchange of knowledge, by developing thoughts and challenging existing perspectives. Accordingly, our In The Spotlight newsletters are inspired by the remarkable individuals and organisations we meet along the way and is shared here to provide a flavour of our research. Please do sign up to our newsletter if you haven't already done so.