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TARGET 2024: £100,000


The Glasshouse is a social enterprise offering second chances through horticultural training to women based in UK prisons. We harness the power of botanics to make work and living spaces greener, healthier and more inviting. Plants are proven to improve mental and physical wellbeing, increase creativity and concentration and remove toxins from the air.

The Glasshouse is a Social Enterprise that provides indoor plants to London office space. We offer plant installations, plant maintenance, corporate gifting service sending beautiful, impactful  plants directly as well as holiday tree decorating and well-being workshops. 


As a Social Enterprise, our plants are nurtured by women in prison working to transform their lives through stable employment and training for a horticultural qualification. The Glasshouse provides an intensive training and resettlement programme that includes months of education and work experience working in the corporate environment.  The women we recruit and work with are dedicated, driven and grateful for a second chance. What they achieve through hard work and determination is positive and inspiring.


We currently work with companies including Pearson, Big Society Capital,  MFS Investment Management, The Conduit, Lloyds Foundation and C. Hoare Bank. 

Prospero World (UK registered charity number 1163952) receives charitable donations in support of our work through its fiscal sponsorship programme, and receives tax efficient donations from UK donors on our behalf.



£80 could provide a day’s work to a woman in prison saving for her future.


£250 could provide a day of horticultural training for our women by an industry leading expert.

DONATE £5,000

£5000 could train and employ a woman from prison for a year.

RHS Chelsea Flower Show

21– 25 MAY 2024

The Glasshouse have been selected as a first-time exhibitor at The RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2024.

Our exhibit, ‘The Glasshouse Effect’ illustrates the benefits of horticultural training and employment for women at the end of their prison sentence. Our plan is to recreate the environment of the original glasshouse where the project began at HMP East Sutton Park. The exhibit will showcase the beautiful house plant specimens nurtured by women in prison along with items representing the dreams, and hopes of the women currently in custody and participating in The Glasshouse programme.

We are so grateful and thrilled to have collaborated with some incredible organisations that have generously given their time and support to this project:

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