The Creative Industries for Social Change Awards


The Creative Industries for Social Change Awards (CISCA) is a carefully-tailored, integrated awards and leadership programme dedicated to empowering and supporting emerging leaders in the arts and creative industries.


Winners are rigorously selected by industry leaders not only for their exceptional creative and artistic abilities, but because of their commitment to address social and environmental concerns through their work. 


They are taught to incorporate social impact into their business models and communities, to scale-up their operations, and to enhance their visibility to new investors. The programme is unique in combining leadership, social impact, business development and mentoring for the creative industry entrepreneur or artist. 


Through the power of collaboration we aim to:


·      Build the pipeline of social change agents in the creative industries,

·      Source and develop talent and boost the careers of social entrepreneurs,

·      Inspire the next generation of creative change-makers,

·      Promote intercultural exchange, deepen understanding & provide opportunity.


CISCA comprises:

  1. The African Social Enterprise Fund (ASEF): Launched 2016 in the categories of Sustainable Fashion, Music, Visual Arts. In 2019-20 ASEF will focus on Sustainable fashion Award in Kenya. 

  2. The European Social Enterprise Fund (ESEF). To be launched 2019 in the category of Sustainable Fashion in Greece, Spain and the UK (London Borough of Newham). 

CISCA in Sustainable Fashion aim to enhance the sustainable fashion industry by helping to incubate socially motivated businesses that champion sustainable fashion, demonstrate social and environmental impact, and provide employment opportunities in the creative industries to Kenyan, British, Greek and Spanish youths between the ages of 25-35.


Specifically, the award seeks to:


•       Take sustainable fashion from niche to norm. 

•       Create employment opportunities.

•       Champion business models that place people & planet at their core.

•       Incubate sustainable fashion businesses.

•       Place environmental concerns at the centre of clothing production.

•       Make sustainable fashion accessible to the general population.

•       Create ambassadors for ethical and sustainable fashion.


The  climate is  ripe  for an  awards  scheme that  highlights  and marries  social  enterprise with  the  creative industries.  CISCA  is an  effective  solution to  youth  unemployment and  rising  global demand  for  sustainable products  by  creating opportunity  for  the 

next  generation  of designers  and  incubating businesses  that  place people  and  planet at  their  core.

CISCA Partners

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