The African Social Enterprise Fund 2017



The ASEF aims to support young African pioneers in the Arts and creative industries, to become socially minded entrepreneurs committed to affecting positive social change. Although we have needed to select only one Winner in each of this year's categories (Fashion, Music and the Visual Arts), the competition level was extremely high. Our Runners Up are highly deserving of support, both on an individual level and on a professional basis for the outstanding work they are doing.
We are delighted to introduce you to the Runner Up of the 2017 ASEF Awards.


ROBERT MUNUKU is a 33 year old visual artist, writer & independent filmmaker from Nairobi, Kenya. Mũnũku is also the Founder of Mau Mau Collective which is an organization that seeks to create a strong network of independent visual artists, filmmakers & performing artists on the continent with the shared goal of independence and art-driven, community-based creative education.

Since founding the Mau Mau Collective in October 2015, Robert has brought together over 200 African Artists to champion the use of the Arts for Social Change. Robert says

The arts-music, traditional art, graffiti, digital art, film, poetry, spokenword, photography, literature & much more- still occupy an emasculated space in our country and it is often the case that those who bear these abilities never get an opportunity to transform their lives or their communities. This much coveted ability is what some call the 'creative economy' and is one of the core tenets of our organization. Mau Mau is in the process of demystifying the arts and re-calibrating the system allowing access to creative resources from being a reserve of the few privileged to a right for all. 

We hope to collaborate with Robert and the Mau Mau Collective in the not too distant future.

LIONEL RICHIE GARANG is a 26 year old Artists from Nairobi, Kenya. He began his artistic career doing graffiti on Public Service vehicles in Nairobi, but has since evolved to sculpting and painting.

He has a studio in Nairobi at the Kuona Trust where his debut Solo exhibition - The journey of the Mask- was held in 2014. The exhibition resulted in collaborative work for Richie, and his work has since been showcased both nationally and internationally. His work is also displayed at the British High Commission in Nairobi.

Lionel has done a great deal of outreach work using the arts as a tool for social change. He specialises in outreach work with youth groups and the marginalised. 


Lionel is currently working with mixed media using wood and recycled empty spray cans. He is also experimenting of new media including spray pains and Nylon sacks.

We very much look forward to staying in touch with Lionel and to assessing how we can collaborate in the future.


BEATRICE KORLEKIE NEWMAN a.k.a KORLEKIE, is a British-Ghanaian womenswear and knitwear designer. Her fashion brand, Korlekie is a unique, new luxury label that specialises in occasional and knitwear clothing.

Derived from Beatrice's Ghanaian heritage, the name KORLEKIE means ‘Queen Of Eagles’ heralded by the Ga-Adangbe tribe in Eastern Region, Ghana.

Its products are built on principles of modernisation of traditional craft techniques such as knitwear, fused with pioneering technology and methods to create truly stunning, sustainable pieces of clothing.

The brand places social impact at its heart. Their commitment is to "Do our bit in promoting and building sustainable and ethical practices, creating quality clothing you'll cherish and love". In order to fulfil this, Korlekie works with the Nubuke Foundation in Ghana, with AHA Bolivia in Bolivia, Mia Dvorak in Italy, and with Vitae and Sian Williams in the United Kingdom.


Full information, including their current collection can be viewed at


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