During the course of identifying ASEF winners, we have been privileged to meet many talented artists, musicians and fashion designers. All of them share a concern about the challenges of our time and are committed to the use of the arts for social change. Each of them is under the age of 35, a pioneer in their field and of African origin.

Our commitment at Prospero World, is to create networks and enable the arts for social change as well as the practitioners who champion the arts and the creative industries. For this reason, we have created an international alumni network which consists of artistic practitioners from different African countries, who can come together through our alumni network, to discuss the challenges they face, and how best to address them.

Each of these individuals has applied to the ASEF. They have been individually invited to join our alumni network because we believe they have great potential, will be fortified in their efforts by being part of an international network and because we believe them to be powerful ambassadors for the arts for social change.